Experience Scotland Differently 

don't just have a 'tour' - HAVE an experience...!

and Not just with a 'tour guide' - but A HOST...!

Experience Scotland Differently does things... well, differently!

If you are looking for a tour guide to talk non-stop, repeating the same script everyday, with all the historical facts and dates remembered off by heart, and unable to share his own personality and opinion...then I'm afraid that I'm the wrong man for the job!

I'm Torsten, an experienced guide with a great deal of local knowledge, a deep appreciation for nature and a love for adventure.I don't like to call myself a 'tour-guide'; perhaps a 'facilitator' for your experience is a more fitting description, or - even better - your personal 'host'! I will not sit in the van and fill your heads with historical facts that you could Google yourself; I would rather concentrate on the beauty of the country, the tales I have heard on my travels, the amazing wildlife of the area, and the astounding nature that we are surrounded by here in the North of Scotland.   

What I can offer....

For the person who likes things to be straight forward, I have created 9 different tour itineraries depending what area in particular takes your fancy. These tours are designed to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time, with less walking and hiking involved, yet still taking in as much as possible along the way. Check out the 'tours' drop down menu to see what's on offer. (My tours are inclusive of my services and fuel costs only. Any extra costs, food, entrance fees and accommodation are not included. All accommodation - ranging from pitching a tent to staying in a castle - must be booked in advance by the customer.) 

Alternatively, I can create a more bespoke experience and tailor the tour to meet your personal needs and taste: do you want an action-filled holiday with plenty of hikes and outdoor sports? Or maybe you’re a big whisky fan and want to visit as many distilleries as possible? Are castles and historical sites your thing? Maybe you just want to relax, unwind, and take in the beautiful scenery...? Or, why not do a bit of everything!? Just let me know a bit about you, and we can work out the perfect tour for you.

Personally, I love being spontaneous when I go on holiday... so if you prefer, we don't even need an itinerary. Instead, why not wake up everyday and see how you feel, see what the weather is like, and then decide where to go and what to do?! I don't know about you, but that's my idea of a dream holiday! f you like the sound of a more 'DIY' kind of tour, then you are in luck: I am currently making a SPECIAL OFFER of FREE ACCOMMODATION in my tipi for those who book a 7 night 'dream holiday' (ie: go with the flow!) tour with me. Read more about my Tipi here!

Experience Scotland Differently

Personalised tours to create your Dream Holiday!

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