This year, my cottage is celebrating it's 100th Birthday! To celebrate, I would like to invite all those who book a 7 day 'dream holiday' tour with me, to come and stay for FREE in my Tipi!

The Tipi is located one mile off the main road, at a dead end, in the garden of a traditional farm house; surrounded by fields, forests, and open sky (with almost no light pollution, making it the perfect spot for star gazing!) With only one neighbour nearby (a very friendly couple with a lovely dog) you are guaranteed a peaceful night's stay.

The Tipi is spacious and able to accommodate  6 guests comfortably, and having the fire lit means that you can be warm and cosy all night long. Guests are not confined to the tipi only, and are very welcome into my home to use the bathroom, kitchen and living room (because, as you may have heard, Scotland is not well known for it's warm weather!) My cottage also has a spare bedroom if needed.  

What else...? 

A hot tub built out of a marrying tun – a 2,000 litre traditional whisky barrel! ... A hand built wooden 'pagoda' in the garden (originally built for the DJ's at my parties) ... The 'kids house' (now used as a meditation hall, or the perfect spot to watch out for native wildlife) ... An outdoor toilet ... A small 'beach' area and stone garden (the dream was to re-create Yellowstone Park, but in the end it turned out to be more of a coloured stone park)

My Tipi 'Vision'....

So why build a tipi in your garden?
This project came about when I was not in a place to go travelling myself, so instead I opened my home to travellers; inviting the world to my home through couch surfing. Then, the 'cozy corner' began to take shape, and after realising I had started something that people really enjoyed I then discovered Air B'n'B. I soon found that the kind of people who were attracted to my place tended to be open-minded and, like myself, interested in a different kind of travel experience or trying something new. 

My dream is for the tipi to be a free space; for people from all walks of life and corners of the earth to congregate; for ideas to manifest, and where plans are hatched. I want to offer people my understanding, compassion, tolerance and  openness to different views - and for them to do the same. 
 The possibilities for the tipi are endless: cooking dinner on an open fire, whisky tasting nights, music jams,  
 art meet ups, craft nights, retreats, drum circles, ceremonies, partying until the sunrise...!
Or perhaps you have a vision that the tipi could offer the perfect location for? Let me know, and maybe we can make magic happen! 


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