The Black Isle - Known for it's Dolphin's - A relaxed day out

The Black Isle is one of the most mystical places in Scotland, where many of the Highland Seers came from. Depending on the time of year, my main focus would be to visit Chanonry Point, which is the best place in Europe to see the dolphins playing in the Moray Firth from the shore. Remember these are wild creatures, and there is no guarantees you will see them. Depending on the tides, the itinerary can be changed to fit this in for our best chance to see them. Further along the coast is a nice walk through the Black Isle’s Fairy Glen, which some locals claim is home to the elves! This is a short walk to an area of natural and mystic beauty. On to Cromarty, a town filled with artists, many of whom have their creations on display and for sale. With cafes and shops, this is also a good chance to stop for lunch or a visit to the pub, where you might hear stories of old where men get wishes from mermaids! It’s a nice opportunity to have a stroll along the Cromarty Firth coastline, to a viewpoint which looks out on to the Moray Firth, and a further chance for dolphin and porpoise spotting! On the way home, I will stop at Clootie Well, an ancient healing place, where you can leave a “cloot” or piece of material, in the hope of healing a loved one.

Tour Type: Day Trip / Out of Town, First Time Visitor, Nature and Wildlife, Shore Excursion

Transportation Method: 7 seater VW Caravelle T4 1997

Activity Level: Light

Disability Friendly: Yes. If we can make it possible, nothing can stop us (-:

Friendly: Yes. I have on Baby and 3 Child seats available

German (fluent), English (fluent)

Maximum travellers: 6

Duration: 8 hours, starting at 9 am

If you would like to extend the day to more than 8 hours there will be an extra charge of £30 per hour for the whole group.

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• The Fairy Glen is an easy walk up a beautiful Glen with a stream, leading to two small waterfalls. Old trees are packed with coins, maybe even from far back, when the village was holding a well-dressing ceremony at the pools.
• Cromarty is the best-preserved historic town from the 18th century. The town has boomed for over 700 years because of fertile land and good fishing grounds and peaked in the 17th century, trading with countries as far as the Mediterranean. Now it is a very peaceful please, still away from the hassle and bustle and attracted many artists. It is an ideal place to wonder around and visit a cafe or local pub.
• Clootie Well is seen as a holy place from the time of St Boniface in about AD620. Pilgrims would come for ceremony and leave a cloth behind to heal an ill person and traditionally, children would be left overnight to be healed.
• Otherwise, there are more beautiful walks and if you are looking for a special pint of organic beer, the Black Isle Brewery is definitely worth a visit.

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